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Jennifer Webb's

Debut Album



Produced by: JP Pennington

Arranged by: JP Pennington

Engineered by: Dwight Dunlap, JP Pennington

Recorded by: Dwight Dunlap, "Toys in the Attic", Lexington, KY

Design and photography: "Christian Lange Photography", Knoxville, TN

Marketing and Management: "Sales Support Dayton", Dayton, OH

Art assistant: Katie Shaw

Bass guitar - Gerry Gillespie

Lead guitar - JP Pennington

Rhythm guitar - JP Pennington

Keyboard – Brian Moore

Keyboard overdubs - JP Pennington

Drums – Dwight Dunlap

Mandolin - JP Pennington

Harmony Vocals - JP Pennington, Les Taylor, Jeff Watson

Featuring all new original songs.

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"Cloud 10" Produced by JP Pennington of Exile

"Cloud 10" Engineered by Dwight Dunlap at his Lexington studio "Toys in the Attic"

"Cloud 10" Song Titles:

Cloud 10

Side Effects

I've Had It

Hurts Don't It

Wrong About Me

It's a Guy Thing

Never Said Goodbye

I'll Save You the Trouble

He's no Angel

Every Angel in Heaven

Tears for Souvenirs

Bonus Track: Heaven's Bright Shore

See the Lyrics

Song Writers and Co-Writers:

 Les TaylorDickey LeeLisa PalasFreddy WellerGeorge TerenRoxie DeanLarry CordleNancy PeacockBrad Ellis,  Frank Meyers,  Kerry Kurt Phillips,  Larry Haack,  Mike Higgins,  Shaye Smith,  Ken Harrell,  Ray Scott,  Troy Seals

When asked about the album Cloud 10, Jennifer responds….

“I am so proud of this album. I have been blessed to work with some of the most talented musicians, songwriters, and singers in the business. It takes so many people to make something like this come together, and come together well, and I am so thankful that I have been able to accomplish that. I can’t say enough about my producer JP Pennington, without him I would have been lost…. He not only produced the album, he wrote several of the songs as well as sang harmony vocals. He also played lead guitar, rhythm guitar, piano overdubs, and mandolin. I could not have asked for more!

When asked to name her favorite songs on the album…

Oh, it is so hard to say. I listened to a lot of songs and finally decided on these because I really liked something about each and every one of them. In the studio each song has become, “my own….” It is just too hard to pick a favorite.

What are your expectations for this album?

I am shooting for the moon! If we only get half way there, we will keep trying! I’ve always loved the quote, “If you never give up, you will never fail…..”

What has been your biggest challenge in making the album?

The biggest challenge was the pressure that I put on myself. I am very critical of my voice, and there were times in the studio that I knew things could be better, luckily JP knew that too, and we just kept at it until we got it right!

How do you feel knowing that JP Pennington, and Les Taylor from the group EXILE are singing on your album?

HONORED! I mean that…. These guys have accomplished so much in the music business, and to have them take time out for me has been so exciting!

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

THANK YOU! I couldn’t do this without you guys. Thanks for sticking by my side and encouraging me every step of the way! I hope you will be as proud of the album as I am.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at our shows.

A word from the Producer - JP Pennington

"Jennifer Webb has become both a friend and an inspiration to me since beginning work on this project in June, 2002. Jennifer is an artist who knows what she wants and has both the work ethic and the energy to see that it gets done properly. She has what many singers don't - an original sound. This is something that I think one is born with more so than something that is developed over time. She makes the listener believe what she says in the lyrics of her songs. "

"It's been a pleasure to produce this album with someone like Jennifer who is willing to work hard enough to get what we were looking for - an album that we can be proud of! "

Rock on, Jen!! - JPP

Album Producer, Song Writer - JP Pennington

1986 BMI Writer of the Year

One of 100 BMI's Writers of the Century

9 One Million Performance Songs from BMI

3 Two Million Performance Songs from BMI


40 years in and out of EXILE, and still counting.

(EXILE: Nominated for Numerous CMA awards, with 11 #1 Hits EXILE still performs on a regular basis)

Born and raised in Berea, Ky. Son of Lily May Ledford, leader of legendary all-sister "Mountain Music-Bluegrass group, the Coon Creek Girls".

More On Exile


Jennifer Webb "Cloud 10" CD

Song Writers and Co-Writers:

Les Taylor

A a member of EXILE since 1979 and co-wrote JANIE FRICKE'S biggest hit, "IT AIN'T EASY BEIN' EASY". He left the band temporarily in 1988 and had two critically-acclaimed solo albums on Epic Records. He and JP PENNINGTON re-formed EXILE in Dec. 1995. He is originally from London, KY.

More On Exile

Dickey Lee

Member of the Nashville Songwriter's Hall of Fame. Credits include "SHE THINKS I STILL CARE", "IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT", "KEEPER OF THE STARS". Recording artist in his own right.

Lisa Palas

An award winning songwriter and composer for film and musical theatre. Her songs have been recorded by ALABAMA, REBA, CONWAY TWITTY, THE OAK RIDGE BOYS, RANDY TRAVIS, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, JOHN BERRY, CHRIS LEDOUX AND OTHERS. Recently, her song, "DO I LOVE YOU ENOUGH" was a single for the country band, RICOCHET, and also recorded by the urban artist, TONY KURTIS, whose cut is featured in the WESLEY SNIPES film "DISAPPEARING ACTS". Her latest venture in theatre is scoring "JACK" (based on the story of Jack the Ripper) at THE WALDEN THEATRE in Louisville, Kentucky. Lisa is a member of the board of directors for the Nashville Songwriters Association, International. She is originally from Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Nancy W. Peacock

Nancy is an established songwriter and publisher in Nashville, TN. Her publishing companies, Washington Street Publishing (BMI) and Hartman House Publishing (ASCAP) represent songs of all genres of music. Nancy has placed songs on artists' projects in the USA, UK and Canada. The latest cut is on the soon to be released Jerry Springer "In America". She has recently expanded her pitching to film, television, and theater with a song placed in the new Broadway musical "Urban Cowboy". As a songwriter Nancy's catalog ranges from Pop, Latin Pop, R&B/Urban, Country, Christian, Inspirational to Instrumental Theme Music. Her cuts include "Catch The Glory" co-written with Brad Ellis was used by Bell South as the theme song for the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta and was also used for a 9/11 memorial CD titled "Let Freedom Sing". Her song "Dare To Dream" co-written with Brad Ellis is slated for a mentoring documentary film by the Olympic film producer, Bud Greenspan.

Brad Ellis

Talented and versatile Atlanta songwriter with over two dozen indie songs. Cuts ranging from Country/Christian to Urban/Pop. Brad is a well known and active member of the Atlanta musical community and his songs are routinely performed live in and around the Atlanta area.

Freddy Weller


George Teren

New England-born writer responsible for such hits as "BUSY MAN" by BILLY RAY CYRUS and "RUNNING OUT OF REASONS TO RUN" by RICK TREVINO.

Roxie Dean

Co-wrote "I THINK ABOUT YOU" by JAMIE O'NEAL and one of LEE ANN WOMACK'S hits "WHY THEY CALL IT FALLING". She is currently awaiting her debut album release on Dreamworks Records. She is from Baton Rouge, LA.

Larry Cordle

Wrote "HIGHWAY 40 BLUES" by RICKY SCAGGS, "LONESOME STANDARD TIME" by KATHY MATTEA, "MAMA, DON'T FORGET TO PRAY FOR ME" by DIAMOND RIO and "MURDER ON MUSIC ROW" by GEORGE STRAIT and ALAN JACKSON. He was born and raised in Lawrence County, KY. He currently is leader of his world renown Bluegrass band, "Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time".

More on Larry Cordle at Sugar Hill Records

Visit the Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time WebSite

"Cloud 10" Reviews:

Editorial Reviews

Country Music at it's best. Debut Album from Jennifer Webb with collaboration from JP Pennington, one of 100 BMI's Writers of the Century.

About the Artist

Jennifer is an artist who knows what she wants and has both the work ethic and the energy to see that it gets done properly. She has what many singers don't - an original sound. She makes the listener believe what she says in the lyrics of her songs.

"Every Angel in Heaven - Absolutely a beautiful song!"

"I have songs on CSI, a couple of movies and I also have Uncle Kracker in my corner.....which is great he's a real good friend of mine and has helped me along tremendously. Check out JoCaine and go to the song Better Luck next Time~ let me know what you think.....or visit our website at www.jocaine.com thank you and your awesome.....I was in Nashville with Kracker and Kenny at Westbrook studio when they recorded When the Sun Goes Down~ I had a good time, well take care"

JoCaine - Saturday, May 08, 2004

Really quite good! Reviewer: Lloyd Morris, Pres., IMAG

Ms. Webb has a very fine voice with lots of warmth and good range, and has a collection of songs that would seem to showcase her capabilities very well. Most of the tracks in this album are bound to please, but my personal favorites are "Hurts Don't It", an excellent slow ballad type song, "I'll Save You The Trouble", a real toe-tapper, and "Tears For Souvenirs", which is a mid-tempo song that might have come right out of the 60's. All in all, I think this album would be a very good buy for any fan of country or country-rock. Can't wait for the next one.

This is a fresh new talent that needs to be discovered !! Reviewer: Brian Carter/Cartear Entertainment

I really liked the choice of songs here. Great variety. The production of this cd is Nashville ready !! A+ job Not to mention the vocals are where it's at nice job !! Good luck Jennifer !!

WOW!!! Reviewer: Five Star Entertainment

Wow, What a great CD!! This is one of the best cd's Ive heard in a long time, The song selection is awesome, and Jennifer Webb does a wonderful job singing her heart out. From the upbeat track "I'll save you the trouble" to the unbelievable ballad "Hurts Don't it" Jennifer does it all Great!! I've seen a lot of shows in the past few years on the road but this young lady puts on one of the best I've seen!

This Country Music New-comer is sure to hit the Big Time! Reviewer: Kyle Prichard

I host the Wake Up Show, weekday mornings on WRIL Country fm 106.3, Pineville, Kentucky. I actually acquired a copy of Jennifer's CD Cloud 10. Listener response is terrific! My favorite? Side Effects! However, I will continue to play a selection of Cloud 10, until, that is, I receive the first single!

Awesome Reviewer: Cindy Burchett

Jennifer's first CD has wonderful lyrics in every song. The musicians have done a wonderful job in backing her up and complimenting her voice. You just can't help singing along with every song. At the same time, there is lots of variety in the selection of songs. A definite winner.

Loved the songs and the singer is so tiny and cute. Reviewer: Gloria Dickenson

Simple, distinctly clear and relates to life in general.

NASHVILLE BOUND!!!!!! Reviewer: Melissa

This CD is awesome. There is big name country stars that doesn't have CD's this good. I have really enjoyed all of the songs on it. Can't wait to find out which one makes the 1st single. GREAT JOB!

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU !!!! Reviewer: Bec !!

This CD is the true meaning of an artist who wants to make it!! You can really tell Jennifer has put everything she has into this.... I am sure you will LOVE IT! I sure do.

What a voice! Reviewer: Milea

Cloud 10 is amazing. Jennifer sounds like a true angel. I am totally in love with every song, but the one I listen to most is "I've Had It". This one is sure to get you tapping your toes and humming along!!!

The best work yet out of this dedicated artist! Reviewer: K H

This music and vocal combination is some of the best anywhere. The true talent of Jennifer and influence of EXILE is unbeatable. A true must for the real Country Music fan everywhere !

Great Stuff Reviewer: Mark

This is some great music. Love the sound of her voice, and quality recording. Man, the credits for writers and stuff listed on her website are incredible. Lots of luck!





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